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The Solution To Gum & Graffiti Pollution
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Authorised reseller of Smart Graffiti Removal & Coating Products

Gum Busters are the specialists in the removal of chewing gum and graffiti in Ireland. We work for a number of Local Authorities, Property Management Companies, Shopping Centres, University & Technology Institutes & Government departments, Semi-State bodies, Local Business, Residence Associations & House Holders throughout Ireland & offer our services on a twenty four hour, seven day basis. If you would like to know more about our services, arrange a complimentary site visit or demonstration or discuss a particular need or problem that needs solving, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are also an authorised reseller in Ireland of SMART GRAFFITI graffiti removal & protective coating products & you can purchase their products online through this site safe & securely using PayPal & delivered nationwide by FastWay Couriers. You don’t even need a PayPal account to use the online payment system, just click on the bottom of the payment page to use your credit or debit card. Click on the Smart Graffiti Products tab at the top of the page to see the SMART GRAFFITI range of products.

Gum Busters have been using Smart Graffiti products since 2006 when Gum Busters were awarded a two year contract with the Department of Justice as part of a pilot project, Community Graffiti Reduction Programme, as a national programme to support local communities to combat graffiti. In 2008, responsibility was managed & delivered by Pobal & again Gum Busters were awarded a contract for 2008 & 2009 when the project ended.

Speaking at the launch, the then Minister for Justice, Equality & Law Reform, Brian Lenihan (RIP) said: "Graffiti is, at best, an irritant and at worst outright vandalism. Regrettably, it is prevalent in many of our public spaces." The then Minister for the Environment, Heritage & Local Government John Gormley, agreeing that the proliferation of graffiti in certain areas was deplorable, said: "The appearance of a community is a key feature in encouraging social and economic activity and in identifying it as a desirable place to live, work and do business in. First impressions do count and an ongoing cooperative effort is required between the townspeople, the business community and local groups, such as the RAPID teams and the local authorities, to ensure that the town is well presented."

The Gum Litter Taskforce (GLT) is responsible for developing & implementing an awareness campaign to reduce littered gum in the most sustainable way – by changing irresponsible disposal behaviour, the root cause of the issue – by encouraging the public to dispose of their gum responsibly.

Gum Busters have worked with the GLT since the first phase of the campaign was implemented in 2007 with 15 local authorities participating. The second phase took place in 2008 & was extended to 21 local authorities. The third phase in June 2009 included 30 local authorities.

After a very successful three-year awareness campaign, the chewing gum industry secured a further three-year agreement with the Dept. of Environment, Community and Local Government (2012 – 2014) to continue a campaign aimed at driving positive behaviour change by educating the public about the importance of disposing of used gum correctly. Gum Busters were awarded the cleansing contract in  2007, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013 & again for 2014. The GLT campaign for 2015 did not include a cleansing element .